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Determine My Eligibility ​ 

We provide a free analysis using our proprietary software to conduct a simple no-risk assessment. This allows us to identify and quantify immediate cost savings and benefit opportunities. When cost savings are available, and our services are employed, a 15 minute appointment is scheduled to identify needed documentation and information. Once we confirm there is a benefit, we will partner with your CPA and perform 100% of the work which is usually completed in less than 90 days.


Clients work with us without any upfront financial investment, an invoice is only generated after benefits have been delivered. There is No Risk with our 100% pay-for-performance business model.

This intake form is only for the purpose of identifying and quantifying the potential benefit and solutions we can provide to enhance your profitability and improve your bottom line. None of this information will be used by us or anyone else for any other purpose.

Do you own any commercial property?
Did you have any revenue prior to 2014?
Do you offer Group Health Insurance?

Thanks for submitting! Within 24 hours you will be contacted via email to schedule a time to go over the savings opportunity for your organization.

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