Revcon Business Referral Program


Ready To Partner?

Are you interested in enhancing your product offering, increasing your clients ROI in your products and adding some additional cash flow to your business?

Extra Cash Could Be Hiding in Your Contact List

The Revcon Business Referral Program is a simple way for business people like you to earn extra cash by leveraging the business contacts you're already making. All you have to do is help clients, colleagues, and partners reduce business expenses and improve their bottom line buy introducing them to us. It's easy. First, register as a Revcon Business Referral Partner. Then identify a referral, submit that referral's information to us, and we'll do the rest. If your referral meets the program requirements, you get paid.


How do I sign up?

Register to participate in the Revcon Business Referral Program by completing the Three Step Enrollment Process below.


Three Step Enrollment Process


Provided e-mail address will be used to send electronically signed documents once you complete them.



Whom can I refer?

Program requirements include any business in need of:

  • Cost Segregation

  • R&D Tax Credit

  • Property Tax Mitigation

  • Hiring Incentives (WOTC)

  • Work Comp Audit

  • Credit Card Processing Audit

  • Waste & Recycling Audit

  • Benefit Recovery Program


How much do I get paid?

You will be eligible for payment once commissions are paid to enrolled Business Advisor who is securing the services. Your payment amount will be equivalent to 25% of Business Advisors commission.  Only leads received after registration into the Agent Program are eligible for payout. Interested in how to receive 100% commission? Fill out our contact form below and ask us!


How do I submit a referral?

Please contact your assigned Business Advisor after registration is completed.

Determine My Eligibility

Our average client experiences over $4,000 in savings, per employee. Click below to self-identify and determine what programs you qualify for, as well as quantify the potential amount we can secure for you.

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