We’ve pioneered a program that gives employers the ability to lower premiums on their existing plan while enhancing their employee benefits by an average of $16,000 per employee annually. In addition, this will reduce FICA taxes by an average of $500 per employee. This can all be accomplished without changing healthcare providers and at zero-net cost to the employer and employees!


The Affordable Care Act has forced healthcare on businesses and brought major changes to the healthcare industry that have affected everyone. Rising premium costs impact most employers and in a domino effect, has impacted all of their employees. The result is that companies are forced to opt for higher deductible plans in order to stay in budget, which in turn pushes more of the cost of healthcare onto the employees. Although companies may not wish to burden their employees, they have little choice if they want to stay in budget. 


We have a solution that will eliminate the burdens of the extra out-of-pocket costs for the employees and help the employers stay in budget. It’s available to every worker and employer at NO out of pocket cost to either. The employer can get a less expensive plan with a higher deductible and still have their employees covered, while lowering premium costs for both themselves and their employees. In addition to all that, it could potentially save the employer five hundred dollars in FICA taxes per year per employee. This add-on benefit for their employees will not cost the employer one dime!


With the assistance of top advisors (A top 20 law firm, respected CPA firm, an expert in non-profit finance, and a team of PHD Economists, as well as insurance and healthcare experts) we designed a way to help workers pay their Out Of Pocket (OOP) costs on company sponsored healthcare plans with a pre-tax medical OOP insurance add-on that costs the worker nothing due to a loan from a non-profit organization (NPO) that an insurance company will repay.


The NPO helps restore Social Security and Medicare at no cost to US taxpayers while greatly reducing the OOP for working Americans at no cost to the workers or their employers. Due to gains from economic stimulus provided by features of the program the federal government loses zero in net taxes collected (income and FICA) with this particular program. This produces a gain (rather than the usual loss) in income tax collections on a pre-tax program as well as a greater contribution (in net present value) to Social Security and Medicare.


The sum of this is that any employer of any size can offer all of their employees a way to cover the majority of their OOP for medical bills on the company group plan over the plan year and enhanced retirement benefits all at zero net cost to the employee or their employer. The employer will also enjoy roughly $500 per employee per year in payroll tax savings while offering these benefits to their employee at zero net cost.


The whole process could restore the Social Security and Medicare programs as a side benefit for the people of America. This is beyond too good to be true, it is too good to be ignored. Our screener can take you through a simple one-page form and we will review your situation and let you know if your company qualifies. Everyone you ask can tell you that it cannot be done but if you qualify we will show you how it can be done.


The vast majority of companies will qualify for this program. To determine if you qualify, answer these 11 questions via our online questionnaire. Within 3 business days, we will notify you of your eligibility.