Our client utilization is three times that of the industry average due to our ability to execute our health member marketing campaign for our sponsors and our unique customer support system.


  • Average wait time in the emergency room is over 4 hours.

  • There is an estimated 3 week wait to get a doctor's appointment.

  • Over 50% of US hospitals use some form of telemedicine.

  • 72% of doctor visits are information and/or basic care and equally handled over the phone.

  • 73% of emergency room visits are information and/or basic care and equally handled over the phone.


•   Client satisfaction is 98%
•   Annual client retention is 95%
•   Triage nurse
•   Comprehensive bouquet of services in the industry

Bring Affordable, On Demand, Concierge Level Care to Your Organization

  • Board-certified doctors- untimed, unlimited TeleConsults scheduled by nurses at the patient's earliest convenience; online health and medical advice available immediately

  • 24/7 access to licensed nurses who are ready to guide patients, coordinate care and support patients throughout their care

  • Therapeutic solutions offer a continuum of care, including access to and savings on lab testing and imaging studies, pick up and mail order prescriptions, face-to-face doctor visits, medical bill advocacy services, vision and hearing care, dental networks and diabetic supplies

  • Subscriptions are priced per person/per household, per month for your selected time period, and access is FREE for your employees/members


Access Discount Healthcare takes Telehealth to the next level. Concierge level care continues past the TeleConsult itself and we work with your members to make sure they get the follow-up care they need. Contact us today to see how we can provide affordable, convenient access to healthcare, saving your organization money and improving member productivity, health and satisfaction.

Determine My Eligibility

Our average client experiences over $4,000 in savings, per employee. Click below to self-identify and determine what programs you qualify for, as well as quantify the potential amount we can secure for you.

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